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  •   11 Jul 2017   Posted By Gary O.   51 Favs   0 Comments

    Blood Root Herbal Extract - Natural Skin Tag Remover

    Are there ways to get rid of skin tags that are considered to be safe, all-natural, and do not have scar formation as one of its side effects? Surgery would probably be the first recommendations that will be given to you once you pose a question regarding ways to remove skin tags.

  •   27 Jun 2017   Posted By Leland D.   64 Favs   0 Comments

    Information about Portable Herbal Vaporizers

    Medicine has, for a long time, utilized vaporizers to deliver rapid relief from such ailments as asthma, pneumonia, and COPD. The use of vapor increases the absorption of prescription medications just by breathing in the vapors produced.

  •   27 Jun 2017   Posted By Darin G.   28 Favs   0 Comments

    Stevia: The Herb That Is Sweeter Than Sugar Without The Calories

    You may not believe it, but stevia's main extract, stevioside is about 300 times as sweet as table sugar. Even its dried leaves are at least 30 times sweeter than sugar. What is extremely surprising is that Stevia has no calories, no carbs, no synthetic sweeteners like saccharin or aspartame (better known as Equal and NutraSweet) and no adverse effects on diabetics.